No One Wants a Smelly, Soggy Yard

No One Wants a Smelly, Soggy Yard

Get expert sewer line services in Palmdale, CA

Are you worried that your sewer line may be cracked, sunken or clogged? We can help. Plumbing Tech and Rooter Services, Inc specializes in sewer line services in the Palmdale, CA area. You can trust our plumber to inspect your sewer line, locate any issues and repair them on the spot. If your sewer line needs to be replaced, we can do that, too. We have the excavation equipment needed to remove and replace sewer lines. Our sewer line installation specialists will make sure that your landscaping isn't damaged during the excavation project.

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Has your lawn turned soggy?

Plumbing Tech and Rooter Services offers sewer line services in Palmdale, CA and surrounding areas. You should schedule sewer line repair or replacement work if:

  • Your toilet boil water level is inconsistent
  • You smell sewage in your yard or home
  • Your lawn is soggy
  • Your pipes make gurgling noises
  • Your water bill has gone way up

Arrange for professional sewer line services by calling 661-494-1348 right away.